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We'd love to meet you to discuss your next learning acceleration challenge!


We provide independent advice and support to major employers engaged in accelerated learning initiatives – shaping their workforce of tomorrow, today.

You can retain our services for entire projects or simply engage us tactically as required.


We help organisations transform their performance for an agile world, thereby securing  their future.

Our Commitment

As learning and performance professionals we are committed to excellence in everything we do, acting in the best interests of our clients and our learners. 

We  will ensure that the outputs from our work:

  • are optimally aligned with the Seven Principles of Accelerated Learning 
  • reflect a strategy that is evidence based, reflecting  learning and development best practice
  • are business-driven, aligning learning in support of your organisational objectives
  • are business process-oriented – presenting knowledge and skills in the context of the on-the-job application
  • are demonstrably effective, providing evidence of competence and performance improvement
  • are interactive, engaging and challenging for learners throughout
  • are enjoyable, providing a  motivational experience.
Adrian Snook working on a Virtual Reality project in the Kingdom of Saudi Arabia